Our story

The values of tradition

Born and raised in Levanto, Sarah and Corrado dreamed of opening a genuine B&B for almost eight years before finally opening Amandolevanto B&B in 2015.

The original building had been in Sarah's family for generations, and was formerly the carpentry workshop of her craftsman father Lino. His daughter then took up the torch of the family's original plan: transforming the carpentry shop into a home dedicated to families, in line with the authentic spirit of B&Bs. As long ago as the 1970s, her maternal grandmother Delia had come up with a pioneering idea of hospitality: she hosted families in exchange for their help in the home and in the fields, developing relationships and friendships that her descendants still keep alive today.

This place is unique for its hospitality, familiarity, its love for the land and for the principle of sharing.  The personal relationship between guests and hosts is the foundation on which your stay will be based.  The house has two floors: the three B&B rooms, each with a separate entrance, are on the upper floor, while the family home of Sarah and Corrado is on the lower floor, where they live with their two children Delia and Michele.  That warm family feeling is part of the daily rhythm here, where the days pass according to their dynamic events: welcoming guests, managing the home, taking care of the kids, looking after the grounds, and letting life just happen.

Our constant presence and communication with our guests make you feel like you are truly in a “home away from home.”  Sarah and Corrado know how every vacation is unique, just as every guest who is about to arrive in their home is an individual, and they are happy to meet your requests and satisfy your needs in order to make the most of your time and make your stay pleasing, special, and unforgettable.

The grounds around the house include a yard with a terrace for the use of the guests, and extensive lands all around covered with olive trees and grape vines, built on terraced walls like the traditional vineyards of the Cinque Terre and other parts of this area.